Quality Management

Our expertise in quality management:

Quality means that all the functional requirements are met and that, in the end, the building has been successfully commissioned and the client is satisfied. Each of our construction projects is subject to continuous quality assurance measures. To achieve excellent quality, the relevant infrastructures to coordinate human resources need to be set up, interfaces and project areas are assigned and personnel responsibilities relevant to the quality standards are defined. By using standardized communication and data processing systems, the free flow of communication is ensured.


Based on more than 200 successfully completed projects, our highly qualified team of architects and civil engineers contribute their experience to the planning process. A very high emphasis is placed on reviewing and evaluating the initial design plan. This plan is actually used to determine the estimated quantities for costing items, the building standard and for the cost estimate by the architects and planners. During the course of the project, construction quality is consistently compared to the scope defined in the contract. In line with GFP’s quality management, we will accompany you to any official inspections and approvals as well as oversee any deficiencies that need to be corrected and technical briefings.

This quality management process ensures the long-term value of your investment. In line with your project, we will set up the relevant structures to coordinate all the parties involved. This entails defining the interfaces, assigning project tasks and personnel responsibilities based on the required level of quality. We use uniform communication and data-processing systems to assure the uninterrupted flow of information. All of these measures ensure that the commissioning will be successful and you as the builder will be satisfied with the final result.