Cost Management

Our expertise in cost management:

Cost management means identifying needed resources and maintaining budget control. In order to avoid costs from spiraling out of control, making project costs transparent is essential. The basis for this is the budget line given by the client.
From the way we manage a project, we ensure the objectives are met during every step of the way. KOVO, our own IT-supported cost-control software, will provide you with a full overview of the project costs.


Another essential element of our cost management is documenting cost trends and providing advice to reduce costs. Furthermore, current costs and cost developments are monitored and planned at every stage. If required, an overall project cost forecast can be provided to you at any time. All of these can be customized to meet varying requirements.
In this way, GFP lays the groundwork for an active cost and risk management. Any potential risks that arise can be detected early and thus be mitigated. Furthermore, all financial outflows are scheduled in advance and updated continuously.